All architects are charged with creating unique environments. The challenge is to create homes and spaces that look, and feel, and function, on a level that fully exceeds client expectations.

Since 2004, Gorman Architecture + Design has maintained a consistent commitment to client service. Each project is approached programmatically as a direct response to the wishes and needs of the owner. Beyond that, the projects all share a higher goal … bringing creative expression to individual design challenges. The desired outcome is always to create a home that feels “right”, as though its design is the obvious answer that was simply waiting to be discovered.

Good design is fundamentally an exercise in problem solving. Solving problems by use of the architect’s basic tools … space and light, color and texture, scale and proportion, connection and separation, the formal and the organic.

Gorman Architecture + Design strives to create solutions unique to each client, expressed in beautiful environments.

Riverfront Residence

New Hope, Pennsylvania

Mid-Century Reimagined

Washington, DC

Beach House

Bethany, Delaware

Row House Renovation #1

Washington, DC

Row House Renovation #2

Washington, DC

Historic Villa

New Hope, Pennsylvania

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